Internet Use Policy


The Griggs County Public Library recognizes that within this community there are groups and individuals with diverse interest, backgrounds and needs.  The Library further recognizes and emphasizes that the public library is an institution of democratic society and was established to serve all of the people in a community.

Electronic information and networking is a new and very rapidly developing area of public and private activity.  The Library recognizes that these developments pose new challenges as well as new opportunities for the library board, library staff, and library users and their families.  The Library believes that these challenges and opportunities are best addressed by adherence to the fundamental principles of traditional library use and the principles of a free society.  These new methods of receiving information do not change the mission of the Griggs County Public Library.


While the library provides due diligence for connectivity, access, and security of data, the library accepts no responsibility for:

  • Accuracy of information found online
  • Damages resulting from loss of connectivity
  • Breaches in security
  • A breach of personal data
  • Exposure to or infection by malware.
  • The availability of information does not constitute endorsement of the content by Griggs County Public Library.

The library accepts no responsibility for lost or misplaced items

Congress and the courts have recognized that there is no single organization to govern, control, or select information for the Internet.  Because of this freedom of information, the breadth of information on the Internet, the unstructured and unregulated nature of the Internet, and the unreliable state of filtering, the Griggs County Public Library cannot control the content of resource available on the Internet.

The public library, unlike schools, does not serve in loco parents (in place of a parent).  Librarians can not act in the place of parents in providing constant care and supervision of children as they explore the Internet.  The responsibility for what minors read or view on the Internet rest with the parents or guardians.

Legal Compliance

The Internet contains all types of resources and information.  Some information may be offensive to some users.  As stated in the American Library Association’s Resolution on the Use of Filtering Software in Libraries… “The use of filtering software to block access to constitutionally protected speech violates the Library Bill of Rights”; therefore, the Griggs County Public Library will not impose blocking or filtering software to limit access to Internet sites.  In accordance with the Children Internet Protection Act (CIPA) the Griggs County Public Library does have filters on all the computers.  Anyone over the age of 17 may ask the librarian to turn off said filters without statement of reason.  The librarian will then turn off the filtering software.  When that patron has completed their use of the Internet the librarian will restart the filtering software.  This filtering software only filters sex, nudity, and adult content.

Prohibited Activity

Library Staff member have final authority over patron conduct and the following prohibited issues, included, but not limited to:

  • Unauthorized access including hacking
  • Piracy
  • Obscene materials public display of pornography is illegal in North Dakota (NDCC 12.1-27.1)
  • Cyberbullying
  • Food or beverage in the computer area
  • Identity theft
  • Listening to audio without headphones
  • Installing software on library computers
  • Any behaviors that impair the ability of other patrons to use the library


Patrons perceived to be in violation of this policy will receive:

  • A verbal warning and asked to leave the computer area immediately
  • A written warning with computer privilege denied for one (1) week
  • Denied usage of the computers permanently

Parents are responsible for their child’s behavior.


Those age of 17 and younger must have parent or guardian’s signature on file.  Parent or guardian must sign minor form in front of library staff .    By signing in, patrons agree to the terms of the library policy.  Usage may be restricted to one hour if there are patrons waiting to use the computer.

Printing Charge

Printing charges will be set by the Library Board and posted by each computer.