Library Board of Trustees

July 2020 to June 2021
County Commissioner Representative
Mark Urness Fill in Term July 2021
C: (701) 797-7719
Cooperstown ND 58425
City Council Representative
Lee Wathne Fill-in term July-2021
906 Lenham C: (701) 261-3207
Coopersotwn, ND 58425
Brad Guler Second Term July-2022
1202 Foster Ave NE
Cooperstown, ND 58425
Susie Graber First Term July-2022
PO Box 273 C: (360)  751-0545
Cooperstown, ND 58425
Audrey Adrain First Term July-2023
690  100th Ave NE H: (701) 676-2644
Binford, ND 58416
Truley Trautman First Term July-2023
604 Odegaard Ave  SW  H (701) 797-2675
Cooperstown ND 58425
Officers 2018-2019
President Brad Gular
Vice President Lee Watne
Secretary Audrey Adrian
Treasurer Bonnie Krenz
Committee Assignments 2018-2019
Budget/Finance Audrey Adrian, Brad Guler
Publicity/Promotion Susie Graber, Truley Trautman
Building/Operation Mark Urness, Lee Watne
Policy Manual Audrey Adrain, Brad Guler
Technology Brian Saxberg
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