Library Board of Trustees

July 2017 to June 2018
County Commissioner Representative
Ron Dahl First Term July-2018
1006 Foster Ave C: (701) 789-1464
Cooperstown ND 58425
City Council Representative
Nic Zimprich Fill-in term July-2018
712 Cheokee Court C: (701) 261-3207
Coopersotwn, ND 58425
Brad Guler First Term July-2019
1202 Foster Ave NE
Cooperstown, ND 58425
Connie Frederick First Term July-2019
1008 Howard Ave SE C: (701)  797-7194
Cooperstown, ND 58425 W: (701) 797-2700
Audrey Adrain First Term July-2020
690  100th Ave NE H: (701) 676-2644
Binford, ND 58416
Ruth Evan First Term July-2020
603 Odegaard Ave  (701) 797-2429
Cooperstown ND 58425
Officers 2017-2018
President Brad Gular
Vice President Nic Zimprich
Secretary Connie Frederick
Treasurer Bonnie Krenz
Committee Assignments 2016-2017
Budget/Finance Connie Frederick, Brad Guler
Publicity/Promotion Ruth Evan,  Connie Frederick
Building/Operation Ron Dahl, Nic Zimprich
Policy Manual Audrey Adrain, Brad Guler
Technology Brian Saxberg
Community Club Bonnie Krenz